new years

6-week buddy challengE

Next Challenge Starts IN:




$199 Per Team



Winning Team Receives Two (2) Three-Month Unlimited Small Group Training Memberships ($1800 Value)


What You Get ($1740 Value):

● Unlimited Small Group Training (Strength and Metabolic Sessions)

● 1-1 Goal Setting and Discovery Session

● Kick off Dinner

● 2 Healthy Cooking Classes

● Weekly Meal Plans

● 1 Hormone Workshop (Learn all about your hormones!)

● 4 Body Tune-Up Classes With Our Acupuncturist

● 2 Mindset Workshops With Our Psychologist

● 1 Holistic Health Workshop With Our Naturopath

● Discount Card at Fit Foods (25% off all meals)

● Mindset, Nutrition, and Movement Habits

● Daily Emails

● Accountability to reach your goals


How To Win:

1. Find a Buddy to participate with.

2. Do your healthy habits each day (See Scoring System below for the habits)

3. Fill out your journal DAILY to get credit for doing your habits

4. The team that scores the most points wins

5. Winning Team Receives Two (2) Three-Month Unlimited Small Group Training Memberships ($1800 Value)


You will receive a daily email with a link to a journal to fill out.


Each day you will be required to input the habits you performed in order to earn points for the challenge. The habits will be broken into 2 categories:


1. Level Based Habits


2. Everyone Habits


There will be 3 different choices for the level based habits.


Level 1 will be a starting point for someone beginning to make a change.


Level 2 will be a bit more challenging and suitable for someone already practicing.


Level 3 is the fine tuning of habits, usually only used for short periods of time (Like this challenge!)


The purpose of these levels is to meet challengers where they are at by allowing an all-inclusive environment, suited to their needs, while still making it possible to compete for a prize in a fair way.


Each Challenger will have 3 Level based habits for Mindset, 3 for Movement, and 3 for Nutrition.


You will focus on one from each category for 2 weeks before moving to the next habit.


Check out the table below that outlines the level-based curriculum for the entire 6 weeks.





Everyone Habits are ones that all participants will be asked to do, regardless of their level, and will stay with you for the entire duration of the 6 week challenge.

Each week there will be an in-person event where you have the opportunity to check in with your coaches and learn something new from our panel of experts.

Important Dates:


1/7/2019 Kick Off Dinner @ Life Changing Dinners (7150 SW Hampton St, Tigard, OR 97223)


1/13/2019 Challenge Start Date - 1st Workout @ Fit Alliance


1/15/2019 Mindset Discovery Workshop with Brian Goff, PhD Psychologist


1/22/2019 All About Hormones Workshop with Arik Weist, MS


1/29/2019 Mindset Discovery Workshop with Brian Goff, PhD Psychologist


2/4/2019 Healthy Cooking Class @Life Changing Dinners


2/12/2019 Holistic Health Workshop with Misty White, ND


2/21/2019 Celebration Dinner @Nic & Fig's Makery


3/06/2019 Winners Announced via email




If you have questions about how to win, please feel free to reach out.

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