We are a results driven community focused on becoming your partner in health to help you achieve your athletic performance and wellness goals


We understand what it’s like to balance what everyone else asks of you—work, family, and friends—while trying to somehow also make time for yourself.  Which is why, since 2018, FIT ALLIANCE has been able to deliver real results, with real lives—just like yourself—almost entirely through word of mouth.

Here’s how we do it: 

  1. Claim your free 1-1 Discovery and Goal Setting Session.
  2. Get a personalized plan, coaching, and know you’re doing it right—your plan and our coaches meet you where you are, from day one.
  3. Join the FIT ALLIANCE family and, finally, let’s make your fitness goals a reality

So, click the button at the top of the page to claim your free 1-1 Discovery and Goal Setting Session and stop the perpetual cycle of “start again Monday“, jumping from quick-fix to quick-fix, chasing answers, feeling silly—or worse, getting injured—trying to keep up in fitness classes that don’t take the time to put you in the best positions to be successful. And instead, join a program that will finally help you to love the way you look, move, and feel!


Fit Alliance has been Tigard’s Different Gym, since 2018, for a great reason…people just like you. You, your needs, your goals, your transformation are our priority.
We create a training experience that meets you where you’re at and continue to guide you step by step toward becoming the stronger, leaner version of yourself that you envision.
Our individualized approach to training has worked for hundreds of people over the years, and it can work for you too.
Knowing what steps to take to transform your body isn’t easy.
Should you be lifting weights? Should you be doing cardio? What about nutrition? Where does support and accountability come in? How does it all fit together?
The good news is there’s balance of each that will work for you…and when you find that balance you get real, sustainable results.


YOU can achieve real, sustainable results.


At Fit Alliance our first priority is learning about you.
We use what we learn to help guide you toward the balance that gets you results while also living an enjoyable life.
For years we’ve been helping people from all walks of life, from the high school volley ball player wanting to move up to the next level, to the weekend warrior working professional, and even the grandma in her 70s who just wants to be able to do more, revolutionize the way they approach exercise and nutrition. And we’ve found a few, distinct truths.


1) The best exercise program is the one that fits your body.
2) People do best when surrounded by a community of great people that are supportive and also working hard to achieve something.
3) And having a gym you actually enjoy going to will help keep you consistently showing up…and consistency is the magic that transforms your body and mind.
As a member of Fit Alliance, you won’t just get some flashy exercise program that sounds fun but ends up wrecking your body and not giving you sustainable results.
You’ll get YOUR exercise program.
Your program comes with instruction from a team of coaches dedicated to putting you in the absolute best position to be successful.
And the fun, energetic environment filled with great people will actually make you want to show up to the gym, keeping you training consistently and having a great time while doing it.
The path to looking, moving, and feeling amazing is a process that’s specific to each person.
For the best, sustainable, results, you need a holistic training approach that puts you and your life at the center of the process.
Once you find that balance of training, nutrition, fun, and community that fits your life, everything starts to change for the better.
And as you keep following the process that best fits you, your body and life totally transform.
Claim your 1-1 Discovery and Goal Setting Session today by clicking the button at the top of the page.
Your performance and wellness goals depend on a training process that’s customized for YOU.