Physical Therapy


Colbie jorgensen,DPt


I am a physical therapist who loves to help people get back to the sports and activities they
love to do.


I enjoy working with triathletes, runners, and cyclists as these are sports that I have the most consistent experience with.

For my undergraduate in Exercise Science I attended The University of Utah and then went on to complete my  Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Arcadia University.

I am also proud to hold my Clinical Excellence Certification through the Institute of Clinic Excellence.

Working as a Physical Therapist, over the last 10 years, I have studied various manual therapy techniques and have experience working with a wide variety of conditions.


My education (and continuing education) has set me up with all the skills to help others, but what I have found is that experience is a masterful teacher.


By taking the time to listen to my clients, focus on the basics, and teach them how to help themselves - physical therapy can be very simple yet powerful tool.


Most people don't need a list of fancy exercises or miracle treatments. They just need someone to guide them in the right direction by providing skilled feedback and coaching along the way.

My personal hobbies include spending time with my wife and two sons and pretty much any outdoor activity.

In 2006 I completed my first triathlon and haven't looked back since. 


Throughout my athletic career and the process of dealing with my own injuries, I have began to enjoy longer rides on my bike and recently participated in The Great Cycle Challenge to raise funds for children's cancer research.

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Massage Therapy


arielle carroll,LMT


Arielle grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii instilling in her the Spirit of Aloha and the love of being surrounded and supported by a diverse community.


In 2016 her adventurous spirit lead her to move to and embrace her new hometown of Portland, Oregon.


Graduating from Oregon’s own East-West College of the Healing Arts, she developed her knowledge of massage and discovered how she could live out her passion for working with people to promote a lifestyle that facilitates health and healing.


Ari enjoys working with her clients to tailor their session to align with their goals, she intuitively applies her knowledge of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage modalities and incorporates Trigger Point, Neuromuscular Therapies, Tui Na, and Active Movement Therapy.


She truly believes that no two bodies are alike, so each massage is just as unique as the person receiving it and values massaging people from all different walks, jogs, and runs of life.


Her love of constantly learning and growing as a massage therapist is fulfilled through pursuing continuing education courses in new modalities and further refining her application of current techniques.


In her free time, Ari can frequently be found hiking, biking, discovering new waterfalls, and eating, “Ono kine grinds.” (Pigeon English Translation: Delicious varieties of food)

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