7 Exercises to Improve Your Hip Mobility

Do you have tight hips?

Try these 7 moves to make your hips feel 10 years younger.

This can be used as a stand-alone routine, part of a recovery day routine, or as a warm up before you hit the weight room.

Use this sequence of moves, repeating each one 5-10 times, then switch arms and repeat on the opposite side.

If you find that one move feels particularly good, stay there a bit longer and perform more repetitions until the stretch sensation decreases.

Avoid uncomfortable positions by only going through a range of motion that you feel comfortable with and discontinue the exercise if you feel pain.

Emphasize slow and controlled breathing throughout the duration of the exercises with your exhalation being longer than your inhalation.

Focus on continuous breathing without holding your breathe at any point.

You may notice that I perform the technique on some of the exercises slightly different from repetition to repetition. That is because I am comfortably exploring the end ranges of the movement and I would like you to do the same.

Equipment required:

1. A foam roller

Exercises (In order of appearance)

1. Knee Hug

2. Heel Slide

3. Side Bend

4. Hip Rotations

5. Hip Windshield Wipers

6. Hip Extension

7. Hip Extension Hold with Rotations

Let us know your hips feel after trying these moves 😊

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