Sweetheart of a deal

Two 60 Minute Massages

Two 30 Minute 1-1 Recovery Sessions

(Guided Breathing & Relaxation, Stretching, Self-Massage & Gentle Movement)

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Who Is It For?

This sweetheart package was created as a way to teach the recovery and stress management skills necessary to thrive in this new environment, along side a partner or friend.

For best results, schedule your 30 minute recovery session prior to your massage

What To Expect:

The breathing and relaxation skills you will practice with Jordon will help ease tension in your muscles and prepare you for the next phase of the session.

After calming your nervous system and bringing down your heart rate, you will be guided through a variety of stretches, self-massage techniques and gentle movements to further promote relaxation and work on tight or sore areas.

At the end of this session you will feel calm and energetic.

If you have a massage scheduled after, this is the perfect time to completely relax as Ari takes you through a therapeutic experience with a variety of techniques.

By the time you leave you will feel ready to take on the rest of your week with vibrancy.

Upon signing up, you will be contacted by a coach to schedule your appointments.

Please reach out if you have any questions.